Pay-per-click or PPC, if done right, is an effective tool to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. However, it’s not just about creating a campaign, bidding for the keywords, and forgetting about it. It needs constant monitoring and updates to get the results you want. Website owners that use PPC make various mistakes that cost them. If you are running PPC campaigns for your site, it’s vital to know about these common PPC mistakes so you can avoid them. 

No clear objective

Some owners create PPC campaigns without a clear goal on what they wish to achieve. It won’t be easy to make the proper ad copies without knowing your objective. Plus, it will also be hard to gauge its performance. Have a clear goal on what you want to do and the result you are after. Make it measurable and time-bound to determine its effectiveness. For example, you want to promote a new product and see more sales within the first month. You can create PPC campaigns offering this product, and check its performance within a month, and see which of your ad copies work. 

Improper use of keyword match

You may choose from different match options in your PPC campaigns, including exact match, phrase match, broad match modified, and broad match. A common mistake to avoid is choosing a broad match when unnecessary. Broad match will show your ad on the mention of every word in your keywords and related terms. It means the search engine may include your ads on the result even when not relevant to the search. Use exact match or phrase match instead so your ads will only appear for the intended keywords, thus making them relevant to the user intent. 

No negative keywords

Negative keywords are a list of keywords that you don’t want your ads to appear on. Unfortunately, not everyone uses them in their campaigns. Avoid this mistake, and make sure to have a list of these keywords. It will help ensure that your ads only appear to relevant searches, thus avoiding costly clicks from the uninterested audience unlikely to covert. A PPC management company can assist in creating negative keywords, apply them on your ad copies, and make, monitor, and manage your PPC campaigns.

Poor PPC management

Some site owners create PPC campaigns and don’t check their performance. Do not make this error because you may end up paying for ads that do not have ROI. Instead, manage your campaigns appropriately to achieve the result you want. You may need to create various PPC campaigns to determine which will work best for you. It will require constant monitoring and changes until you get the right formula. 

Keywords do not match the ad copy

Another common mistake in PPC is the mismatch on keywords and ad copy. If you have various keywords and ad copies to use, it is easy to get lost if you are not careful. Ensure that your keywords match the ad copy. For example, if the keyword is “house for rent” but the ad copy is for a house for sale, you will not get the click you are after since it’s not what the user is looking for. Double-check your campaigns to ensure that the keywords and the ad copy match. 

Not bidding on brand keywords

Many site owners skip bidding for their brand keywords because they think it will automatically show when users search for the brand. The competitors may bid on this, and you lose the competition if you don’t. Bid on your brand keywords, too, so when users look up your brand and the keywords associated with it, your ads will show. 

Not targeting the right audience

Getting massive traffic on your site is not the only goal for PPC campaigns. Even if you receive several visits on your site, you will not get the conversion you are after if they do not fall under your target audience. You pay for the clicks but do not earn from them. Know your target market, align your ads, and adjust PPC settings to ensure that you reach the right people.

In summary

PPC can help you reach your target market, increase visits to your site, and improve conversion if done right. Remember these common PPC mistakes and make sure to avoid them to achieve your goal.

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